Our Vision

To be an academic and professional institution that translates globally recognized research, teaching, service delivery and practical skills into locally adaptable solutions in the developing countries.

Mission Statement

To create and provide an incubation center where scientific knowledge is transformed into practical skills needed for professional and societal development, by nurturing tomorrow’s leaders through a well coordinated individualized taught and practicum processes.

Our Position

Westend Institute of Science and Technology is a home grown, indigenous organization in Kenya that provides customized solutions to health, education and information technology problems that affect the people of Kenya and other developing countries. The management team boasts of individuals with diverse expertise in health, education, management, IT issues, social sciences and whose key role is to provide strategic direction to the Institute. The board boasts of a well-established educational network both locally and internationally hence rife with plans of localizing the global experiences for the benefit of its students and community.Objectives

Main objective

To promote access to and contribute towards the improvement of the quality of health, education and information systems

Specific objectives

  1. To provide a conducive environment for knowledge and experience sharing
  2. To facilitate the placement of its students and graduants to relevant institutions for professional growth
  3. To churn out graduates who are ready to help create jobs in their respective fields of expertise
  4. To provide a platform for further and future networking

Partner with other like minded organizations and individuals to foster the academic and professional growth of the students through bursary programs