Our Core Values


This forms the basis of our actions with the aim of developing consistent and value loaded programs to produce outcomes that suit the expectations of our clients.



At WIST, we endeavor to instill in our students skills that will enable them to be in control of their destiny by being self reliant through self employment and by working towards becoming, not acquiring.


Societal Responsibility

The institute continuously seeks out service opportunities and collaborations with external partners including community-based organizations, other institutions, individuals and local departments. We are committed to the concept of an academic community that is sensitive to the ideals of justice and ethical behavior. We fully embrace diversity in our academic community and in society and affirm that diversity adds significantly to our cultural competency and our understanding of the society that we remain committed to serve.


Technological Innovation

The institute is committed to ensuring that faculty, staff and students will continue to have access to state-of-the-art public research laboratories and teaching technologies that will enhance the learning and research environment for students and faculty alike. Furthermore, the Institute is dedicated to employing emerging and new learning technologies (e.g., videoconferencing, satellite broadcasts, web-based learning, video streaming, “smart” classrooms, etc.) in ways that will enable us to share our knowledge with our colleagues in the region, nationally and globally.



The institute is dedicated to excellence through the continued development of a professional graduate school that is distinctive within the tertiary institutions education system in Kenya. The unique partnership model, nurturing of students and post training networking is at the heart of this Institute’s distinctiveness and will continue to be strengthened.